Health & Safety First

KC Custom Builders counts on a safe construction environment. Health & Safety first have kept us injury free on every framing project we’ve done here in San Francisco. We do not cut corners and provide a quality build while maintaining the low injury rate our employees love us for. When you are considering a framing contractor in San Francisco we are among the safest framers out there.

Safety is Our Top Priority

At KC Custom Builders, safety is paramount. Construction can be dangerous work and we take every precaution available to ensure the highest level of safety and security for all parties involved in the project.

+ Our carpenters are first aid CPR certified

+ KC Custom Builders is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

+ Our company is also Lead and Asbestos certified by the EPA.

Safety on a framing site

Many framing jobs can require extensive contact with many construction materials on an active construction site. To make certain none of our framing contractors experience a head injury it goes without saying a hard hat is a must!

Proper framing attire

After three decades of framing in San Francisco we know that a main safety hazard can be loose fitting clothing. Every single one of our employees understands the hazards associated with loose clothing while doing framing work. Snug work attire only is permitted on our framing projects and you can rest assure these guys are going home safe every night they leave your construction site.

Safety Checks

At the end of every day we are out at your site we will preform a safety inspection before we leave to make certain no hazardous or harmful materials have been left out. Construction site maintenance can help avoid over 90% of associated injuries for a framing contractor. We put our best foot forward so that a nail doesn’t end up in it.

Marked Construction Zones

Having properly marked construction zones on a framing project can spare costly and time consuming injuries from happening. Please, if you see construction tape and are not authorized to enter that area or do not have the proper safety attire then stay back and ask one of our framing contractors for assistance. We will be happy to help you avoid personal injuries while having us out for framing services.

For questions or concerns about safety on a job site please contact Joe Casey at (415) 969-2466 or by email at