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KC Custom Builders specializes in seismic upgrades related to the Mandatory Seismic Retrofit Program ordinance. For every dollar spent on earthquake prevention now, six dollars are saved on post-earthquake repairs.  Let us give you a free estimate today- before the ‘big one’ hits!


The City and County of San Francisco offers funding assistance towards earthquake renovations and building improvements, to owners that qualify, in efforts to meet current seismic standards.

For more information visit:

Earthquake Safety Implementation Program



Use these resource to learn more about the various funding programs available to the public, soft story public financing, community retrofit fair, seismic studies and reports, facts regarding the Soft Story Mandatory Retrofit Program [MRP], local workshops and financing applications.

An excerpt from the City’s website: “The Earthquake Safety Implementation Program [ESIP] began in 2012, evolving out of the… Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety [CAPSS], a ten year long study evaluating the vulnerabilities San Francisco faces to earthquakes.  Its plan for action was turned into the fifty tasks ESIP will be implementing over the next few decades…”

It’s our goal to help everyone in the San Francisco have the most cost effective and safe process of doing an earthquake retrofit to their home. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call regarding how to use these resources.

Decades of Earthquake Retrofitting Experience

With decades of earthquake retrofitting experience our buildings have stood the test of time. When you are looking for the best earthquake retrofitting contractors in San Francisco we hope you’ll choose KC Custom Builders for your residential earthquake retrofit. We will not let you down, we can shake on it if you like.

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For questions or concerns regarding your earthquake retrofitting project please give us a call at (415) 969-2466 or email at joe@kccustombuilders.net.