Wood Framing & carpentry


Wood framing projects in San Francisco can be a breeze just like the lovely climate we enjoy here in the bay area all year round. With the right crew of San Francisco native framing contractors on your project it can be done on budget and on time.

While there are many options for framing services in San Francisco it is our goal at KC Custom Builders to be the best framing contractor in San Francisco. We stand behind the quality craftsmanship our carpenters and framers pour into every job.

Materials used on our framing projects are top notch. While there are more than a few ways to cut corners and save a penny or to we are not about any of these constructions muck ups we’ve seen come and go.

Quality is what we are known for because we measure twice and cut once as we’ve all heard before. The mark of our quality has stood the test of time with over thirty years framing San Francisco buildings without a single complaint once the projects were finished.


Three decades of wood framing experience as a crew here at KC Custom Builders. When you’ve been around as long as we have you learn to stay up to date on a code, new developments in framing technology and are often called in as the experts in framing here in San Francisco. We’d like to say if we had one thing we were the best at, it’s being the best framing contractor in San Francisco. This is a title we will not let go of easily and show this in the quality of every single framing project we complete.


Seismic retrofitting strengthens your foundation so your home is better equipped to withstand the violent shaking of an earthquake.

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